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Product Name: product name

Product Description: product desc

Disk Space: 1

Bandwidth: 2

Number Of Free Domains: 3

Product Url:

Domains Order Additional Domains: Ja

Domains Number Of Subdomains: 4

Webserver Location Germany: Nein

Webserver Apache: Ja

Webserver Iis: Nein

Webserver Nginx: Ja

Webserver Admin Interface: admin interface

Webserver Daily Backups: Nein

Webserver Eco Power: Ja

Database Mysql: Nein

Database Mssql: Ja

Database Postgresql: Nein

Database Number Of Dbs: 5

Email Pop3: Nein

Email Imap: Ja

Email Number Of Postboxes: 6

Email Webmailer: Ja

Email Antispam: Nein

Email Antivirus: Ja

Add Ssl: Nein

Add Ssd: Ja

Add Php5: Nein

Add Php7: Nein

Add Cgiperl: Ja

Add Cronjobs: Nein

Add Private Usage: Nein

Add Business Usage: Nein

Add Free Support Email: Ja

Add Free Support Phone: Nein

Contract Intervall: halbjährlich

Contract Cancel: 45

Contract Minimum: 20

Price Per Month: 65.00

Price Setup: 78.00